Namik Kemal area, Esenyurt, Istanbul +90-539-951-3671

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About Turk Trust Realty

Turk Trust Realty is a real estate agency in Turkey with its headquarters in Istanbul. Turk Trust is a multinational company with its core of executives including individuals from Turkey, Iran and other countries, and is therefore offering services in Persian, English, Turkish and Arabic.

Headquarter Office

No 3. Floor 15,
City Center Complex, Adile Nishat Blv.
Namik Kemal Area,
Esenyurt, Istanbul, Turkey.

Contact Information

Mobile: +90 539 951 3671
WhatsApp: +90 539 951 3671
Telegram: @turktrustrealty

Tehran Office

Sa’adabad Complex,
Zaferanieh, Tehran
Islamic Republic of IRAN